Main focus

Algorithm-based handling technology - robot systems and applications for palletizing

In the field of algorithm-based handling technology, we include all those robot systems in which the robot actions or movements are based on a data model or algorithm. The robot applications are mainly in the field of palletizing and picking, model-based (offline) path planning, simulators as well as control stations with integrated order processing, warehouse management and load distribution.

Robot-assisted palletizing - maximum efficiency and relief for your employees

Palletizing robots automate the process of stacking or palletizing products on pallets or in containers (e.g. mesh boxes or cartons). As with their conventional relatives, automatic palletizers, the products to be palletized are provided to the robot via a feed belt. However, palletizing robots do not orient the products via stops or by pushing them on a feed belt. Instead, the palletizing robot manipulates the products by picking them up directly from their delivery orientation and placing them precisely on the pallet or in a container in the desired target orientation.

Our robot systems for palletizing essentially consist of a robot (usually a 4-axis industrial robot), a specific end effector (or gripping system for single or multiple gripping) and a feed conveyor together with our in-house developed palletizing software PALGO@Mix and/or PALGO@Mono.

Variety-pure robot palletizing

In single-sort palletizing, the robot should only palletize one product of one size onto a load carrier. The robot is always allowed to rotate the products around their vertical axis.

The palletizing software PALGO@Mono is the heart of our robot applications for single-sort palletizing. The palletizing software only needs the product dimensions (length, width, height) as input and generates an optimal layer pattern on this basis - even for different load carrier types and sizes. Successive layers can be mirrored. Bottom, intermediate and top layers can be defined individually. All this takes place via a graphical user interface. All the necessary information is stored in a database. A path planning module is integrated into the palletizing software so that the robot can implement the layer and palletizing pattern as required. Therefore, programming of the robot or special qualification is not required. In order to achieve high performance with our palletizing robots, multiple grippers are often used for single-sort palletizing.

For robot applications in the tire industry we use our special software PALGO@Tire and DEPALGO@Tire are used.

Mixed robot palletizing

In mixed palletizing, the robot is to palletize products of different sizes onto a load carrier. The robot is always allowed to rotate the products around their vertical axis.

The palletizing software PALGO@Mix is the core of our robot applications for mixed palletizing. Here, too, the product dimensions are sufficient as input. If they are not known, we measure them and generate a three-dimensional model. Similar to manual palletizing, in mixed palletizing several products are first collected in a product buffer. The palletizing software then decides which product in the product buffer will be picked up next by the robot and in which pose it will be palletized onto the load carrier. The integrated path planning module ensures that the robot correctly implements the decision of the palletizing algorithm.

Our palletizing robots for mixed palletizing do not require knowledge of the commission

A special feature of our palletizing algorithm: The order in which the packages arrive at the palletizing robot is arbitrary. Compared to most other robot systems for mixed palletizing, no large product buffers are required. There is no need for time-consuming sorting of the products. This saves space and money. To ensure that you receive the optimum robot system from us, we are at your side in all phases: from the planning of the material flow to the handover of the ready-to-operate robot application.

Even though we are closely associated with robotics, this does not mean that there has to be a robot at the end of the project. The decisive factor for us is a solution that is tailored exactly to your requirements: the system that is best suited to you. Which components are required for this depends solely on your requirements.

You can therefore be sure: The result of our work is not an isolated solution. Instead, it is a complete system that offers you all the advantages of flexible automation. A robot cell or robot application that is perfectly integrated into your intralogistics.

If you want to learn more about our robotic systems for single-variety or mixed palletizing or about our unique palletizing software PALGO@Mono or PALGO@Mix please contact us now! We will also develop a customized robot system for you. No matter how complicated your requirements may be. No matter in which industry you are active.