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Unique robot applications and software for different industries and tasks

AROTEC has developed robot systems for a wide variety of applications and for companies in a wide variety of industries:

They are proving their worth in practice. Our robot applications help you perform activities more flexibly and economically than before in a variety of ways.

The foundation of our robot systems and robot applications is usually one or a combination of several of our in-house developed, future-oriented special software, tailored to your specific requirements.

With these products, you are using groundbreaking new technology. Because you are using automation and robot software that is simply unique on the market to date. Below you will find some examples of our robot systems and a description of our most important software products.

Do you have questions about our robot systems or our robot software? We will be happy to answer them.


Analysis & conception, planning & simulation, software development, design, manufacturing / assembly / testing, commissioning

Field-proven robot systems for a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of industries

Robot software for time- and cost-saving automation of processes