Your advantages

AROTEC - offers you planning, development and realization from one source

Our innovative robotic systems help you to reduce costs, minimize throughput times and increase product and process quality

From the idea to the ready-to-operate handover of the plant: AROTEC offers you planning, development and realization from a single source.

Our customized robot systems enable you to turn your potential into competitive advantages in a targeted manner.


  • Robotic automation reduces your cost-intensive activities to monitoring functions
  • through automated processes you increase the quality of your products
  • by minimizing transport and idle times (e.g. through interlinked machines and systems), you reduce inventories and throughput times.

And this means:

With an intelligent robot system from AROTEC

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend
  • Reduce your costs significantly
  • you set high standards with consistent quality and delivery time.


Talk to us now about automating your production processes. We will develop a perfectly coordinated solution for you, too - no matter how complicated your requirements may be. And no matter what industry you are in.