Robot systems

Field-proven robot systems

AROTEC has developed robot systems and solutions for a wide variety of applications and for companies in a wide variety of industries

They prove themselves very well in practice. Below you will find some examples of our robot systems.

Cardboard palletizing

Robot-assisted carton palletizing from AROTEC accelerates goods issue

Tire palletizing

AROTEC automates tire palletizing with the help of robots

Crucible palletizing and depalletizing

AROTEC automates crucible palletizing and depalletizing at a chemical company


Crankshaft depalletizing

Robot system for depalletizing crankshafts in forges and foundries demonstrates its class

Robot Applications Guide

AROTEC develops a guide for the design of robot applications for packaging tasks


Cup palletizing and depalletizing

Robots for palletizing and depalletizing plastic cups provide a significant increase in cup production

Robot assisted plasma cutting

Offline programming system VMP enables economical contract manufacturing of storage containers


Robots in metalworking/ -processing

RoboSaw robotic sawing line

Tire depalletizing

AROTEC | tire - Efficiency turbo for your tire logistics

Rims depalletizing

Unloading or depalletizing rims from an EWPS pallet is a physically demanding activity for us.


Manual loading of processing machines is time-consuming and also ties up skilled workers.



Robot assisted baking station