Crucible palletizing and depalletizing

Crucible palletizing and depalletizing

AROTEC automates crucible palletizing and depalletizing at a chemical company

AROTEC automates jar palletizing and depalletizing at a chemical company

In the chemical industry, many tasks are still performed by hand. In doing so, the personnel often work in a polluted environment that is hazardous to health. AROTEC has also set new standards in this area. For a paint manufacturer, the company developed robotic cells for the automatic handling - i.e. depalletizing and palletizing - of crucibles. The system has proven itself in practice.

In the robot applications, the position of the crucibles is determined by means of a 3D vision sensor (or from a point cloud): The crucibles are detected with the help of the 3D object recognition software ART-3D after localization with a flexible gripping system in a multiple grip. Before filling, the crucibles are depalletized from a kiln car. And palletized again after filling. What previously had to be done by people under difficult conditions now runs fully automatically.

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