Main focus

Unique know-how and products with unique selling points

We have unique know-how and software with a unique selling proposition in our focus areas.

AROTEC is the expert in the field of sensor based handling technology (3D object identification, 3D object recognition, depalletizing and order picking) as well as the algorithm based handling technology (palletizing of sorted and mixed load units, model-based offline path planningcontrol stations).

Our specialty is the robot-assisted tire palletizing and Tire depalletizing. Our robotic systems are recognized worldwide in the tire industry. To ensure that our robotic solution meets your exact requirements, we offer you a wide selection of different basic concepts for robot-assisted tire palletizing and tire depalletizing.

We realize turnkey robot systems or supply key components for the robot-based automation of production and handling processes - for all industries and industrial sectors. All engineering services required for this, such as electrical and mechanical design (periphery, end effector/gripper), robot and control programming at process and control station level, including application-specific software for 3D object recognition or palletizing, originate from our company.

Robotic systems and applications for

Algorithms and data models for flexible control of robot actions and movements.

Robot systems and applications for 3D object recognition (reach into the box/bin picking, depalletizing). 3D vision sensors identify and localize objects or control and monitor robot motion.