Palletizing software PALGO@Mono

Single-variety robots - Palletizing with PALGO@Mono palletizing software

Highest efficiency and reliability for single-sort palletizing

If products or packages are to be palletized by a robot in your company according to type, the PALGO@Mono palletizing software is the perfect solution. Core pieces of the special program are the integrated layer pattern generator and the integrated "Pick & Place" sequencer. With this, we automate your outgoing goods with maximum efficiency.

The program calculates the optimum layer or palletizing pattern offline - i.e. independently of robot-assisted palletizing - with the help of the layer pattern generator. All it needs are the product or package dimensions and the weight. And this for any package size and different load carriers. Of course, bottom, intermediate and top layers can also be freely defined via the graphical user interface. Successive layers can be mirrored horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The integrated stability check ensures that the products or packages are also stable.

Depending on the product feed (longitudinal or transverse orientation, single or multiple lanes) and the (multiple) gripper used in the robot application, the "Pick & Place" sequencer then checks which optimum product or package grouping should be fed or provided to the robot so that the robot can pick up several packages at once with its (multiple) gripper in a single handling cycle and assemble them into the predefined layer pattern in one or more robot set-down movements. The control commands for the (multiple) gripper and the conveyor system as well as the collision-free path data for the robot are transmitted directly to a PLC and/or robot controller by the special software.

With our robot-assisted palletizing solutions for single-sort palletizing

  • reduce personnel costs
  • palletize more economically and efficiently
  • Load your load carriers without errors
  • Increase your throughput
  • you bring maximum reliability to your logistics.

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Are you looking for a solution to palletize packages of different sizes? Also for this we offer you with the palletizing software PALGO@Mix we offer you a solution.

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