RoboMill - Robot-assisted machine loading of milling machines

Manual loading of processing machines, for example a milling machine, is time-consuming and also ties up skilled workers. AROTEC's newly developed RoboMill robot system solves this problem.

RoboMill operates fully automatically, around the clock, 7 days a week. Material pallets, filled with raw material of different sizes and materials, are fed to the RoboMill and first temporarily stored in a material store. The robot locates and measures all raw materials. The robot then precisely aligns the raw material in a special station and transfers it to the clamping device (magnetic plate and/or motorized vice) of the milling machine. An individual CNC program is generated for each machining job and transferred to the milling machine. Once all workpieces have been finished, the robot returns the material pallet to the material store. This enables RoboMill to work autonomously over a long period of time. RoboMill helps you to significantly increase your productivity in manufacturing.

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