Palletizing software PALGO@Mix

Mixed robot palletizing with PALGO@Mix palletizing software

Save time and resources with mixed palletizing

Even today, unit loads of different sizes and weights are almost exclusively assembled manually by logistics personnel on load carriers. This is time-consuming and physically very strenuous.

The PALGO@Mix palletizing software from AROTEC provides a remedy. The PALGO@Mix palletizing software, which we use for robot-assisted palletizing, palletizes completely unsorted products and packages of different sizes and does so with unknown commission. In the process, it generates fill-degree-optimized load units. And ensures that these are inherently stable.

The special feature: PALGO@Mix performs the task of mixed palletizing online. Thus, an easy integration into your current processes is possible.

Since PALGO@Mix processes packages in any order, the robotic solution, similar to humans, only needs a small selection of packages. Large and expensive buffering or sorting equipment is not required by our robotic solution for mixed palletizing. Robotic palletizing can be integrated very easily into all common logistics environments.

Thanks to continuous further development, the intelligent palletizing software can be used wherever a robot-assisted, economical palletizing solution for mixed products is required.

You benefit from decisive advantages

Our innovative robotic palletizing solutions for mixed palletizing mean for you:

  • less space required, as no large buffer or sorting facilities are necessary
  • less personnel expenses
  • Time saving, as the calculation takes place directly during robot palletizing
  • Optimal dynamic loading of your pallets
  • Retrofittability through online functionality and thus optimal integration into your current logistics
Well proven in practice

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Are you looking for a solution to palletize packages by type? Also for this we offer you with the palletizing software PALGO@Mono we offer you a solution.

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