Object recognition software ART-3D

Robot-based object recognition with the 3D object recognition software ART-3D

The innovative solution for precise object detection and path planning

The automation of complex handling tasks requires robotic solutions with high-performance 3D vision sensors. The market offers a wealth of corresponding components for robot mechanics, machine vision (machine vision) and feeding technology.

Hardly any solution, however, takes into account the aspects of robotics and machine vision so far. Our self-developed 3D object recognition software ART-3D closes this gap. The 3D object recognition software determines on the basis of the sensor data:

  • the exact position and orientation of objects
  • the optimal robot path for removing an object from a container.


The software prevents collisions

ART-3D guarantees that no collisions occur during parts removal. This is because the integrated path planning module of the 3D object recognition software takes into account interfering contours such as grippers, load carriers or neighboring parts.

The easy-to-use program is operational on PCs running Windows. Standardized interfaces offer you an additional benefit: Communication between the 3D vision sensors, the cell PLC and the host/control station is unrestricted.

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