Cup palletizing and depalletizing

Robots for palletizing and depalletizing plastic cups provide a significant increase in production efficiency

AROTEC automated the cup production for a cup manufacturer. Robots take the cups from the thermoforming machines, pack the so-called white cups into cartons. Before printing, they unpack the cups again and pack them after this process.

The overall solution consists of 13 robot cells with 16 robots. In addition to the cells, AROTEC also designed the - patented - gripping systems and the required sensor technology. The automation specialist also developed the entire conveyor system for linking the plant. It is also responsible for the logic of the production planning and the optimal machine assignment. To validate the concept, the entire material flow of the plant was simulated before the system was put into operation. Meanwhile, AROTEC's solution has been impressing the customer for years with its enormous output. The customer produces up to 5,400 cups per minute on three thermoforming machines.

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