Open planning and process software VMP

Path-guided robot applications with the open planning and process software VMP

Time and cost-saving robot programming based on CAD models and paths

The Visual Motion Planner (VMP) software package allows you to generate robot programs for path-guided robot applications automatically and offline. It is ideal for processes where the robot path changes from time to time. For example, grinding, gluing, plasma cutting or path welding in small batch production. 

VMP is thus the revolutionary solution to a common problem: In the applications mentioned, the robot path is usually still "taught" manually. Whenever changes are necessary, it has to be readjusted point by point. This is an enormous effort.

A brand new, groundbreaking alternative

VMP takes advantage of the fact that today the actual robot path is usually available as a CAD model. The software therefore imports the path data directly from a CAD program - parameters for editing are already provided.

In VMP, the path is then automatically converted into a robot program. For this purpose, prefabricated programs are in the background: they can be completed with the path data depending on the application. VMP is a software package implemented in C#, which is based at its core on the functions of the robot simulation system KUKA Sim (reachability check, collision check).

With these features, VMP gives you unique advantages:

automatic generation of robot programs based on CAD models

  • Significantly less time required to change lanes
  • Cost savings (personnel no longer have to teach the robot)
  • higher accuracy (web planning via CAD program instead of manual adjustment)
  • Use of proven functions possible
  • Quickly expandable individually

The architecture of VMP is based on "plug-ins". These are small programs that provide additional functions: Functions for importing and manipulating data. 

as well as for the export of robot programs. The plug-ins can be added very easily. They are operated via their own Windows-compatible interface. The benefit for you:

  • If new requirements arise, you can expand VMP quickly and easily with suitable plug-ins.
  • After some time, you will have a wide range of ready-to-use programs for a variety of applications.

Use robotic technology like never before.

The program has already proven its worth in sewing, plasma cutting and welding. Would you like to take advantage of this forward-looking technology?

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