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Tire Depalletizing Software

Tire Depalletizing Software efficient programs to increase efficiency
Tire Depalletizing Software

Robotic Tire Depalletizing with the Tire Depalletizing Software DEPALGO@TIRE

The first robot system to automate tire depalletizing

After we caused a sensation with the world's first solution for robotic palletizing of tires, the industry showed keen interest in a robotic solution for depalletizing tires.

No wonder: this task is also still done manually. In the automotive industry, it is also common for workers to place tires from pallets onto a conveyor belt so that the rims are mounted fully automatically. A physically very strenuous activity. Reason enough for us to develop a robot system for this task as well.

Robotic depalletizing of tires

With the help of the unique tire depalletizing software DEPALGO@TIRE, we implement a robot application in which the depalletizing of tires is carried out by robots. The special advantage of the tire depalletizing software DEPALGO@TIRE. Regardless of how densely the tires are stored, the robot system recognizes the exact position and orientation of the tires to be depalletized by means of a 3D vision sensor. After the tires to be gripped are recognized and selected, a gripping point for the robot is calculated. A collision-free robot path is then determined by the integrated path planning module and the tires are picked up absolutely safely.

The universal gripping system (single and double tire-gripper) or the robot is able to grip tires in a wide variety of ways - regardless of how or at what orientation they are positioned. While the tire is being placed by the robot in an orderly manner, the 3D object recognition system already starts with a new image acquisition and with the selection of the next tire for the robot.

The advantages of our robotic automation solution for depalletizing tires at a glance:

  • high depalletizing performance of 600 tires per hour and robot
  • error-free grip of the tires (even under difficult environmental conditions) by the robot
  • any tire arrangement on the pallet possible.

Robot and gripper can depalletize tires up to 30 kg weight, 85 cm outer diameter and 35 cm height.

Our tire depalletizing software DEPALGO@TIRE can also perform similar tasks outside the tire or automotive industry.

If You would like to learn more about our robotic tire depalletizing solutions or our tire depalletizing software DEPALGO@TIRE, just send us an email.

We are looking forward to Your inquiry.

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